We have created a guide to help you decide what security product device or devices you will need to protect your caravan, motorhome, car or trailer. We recommend having two security devices fitted to fully protect your vehicle.

What is your hitch type?

Hitch Type

Part Number

ALKO including AK130, AK160, AKS1300, AKS2004 & AKS3004 SH5412
Winterhoff WS3000 SH5414
BPW ISC (ZKAS) stabiliser couplings SH5414
50mm Avonride cast heads from 1400 – 3500Kg
including; 575003, 575004, 575005 & 575008
Bradley including; D5050AUTO, D201CA & MK4AUT SH5417

What wheel clamp will fit my wheel?

It can be difficult to know which wheel clamp will fit the wheel of your caravan, motorhome or trailer. We have put together a few simple steps so you know which wheel clamp to look for.

  1. Measure the wheel rim
  2. Measure the tyre width

measuring your wheel

Once you know what size wheel you have and if it is a steel or alloy wheel, please use the chart below.  With our SH5432, SH5438 and SH5439 wheel clamps, we do not state a wheel rim size as their design means it is not necessary to measure this part of the wheel.

Wheel Rim

Tyre Width

Wheel Type

Part Number

12” - 14” 155 - 190mm Steel SH5431
12” - 13” 165mm Both SH5451
13” - 15” 165 - 205mm  Alloy SH5436
13” - 15” 195mm Both SH5452
15” - 18” 225mm Both SH5456
Universal Universal Alloy SH5432
Universal Up to 265mm Both SH5438 & SH5439

Stronghold Security Products:

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Our Stronghold Security products carry a 12 months mechanical defect warranty, plus an extra 4 years if you complete our warranty form within one month from date of purchase

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