Recent statistics reveal that over 5000 caravans are stolen every year, highlighting the importance of caravan security. When investing in a caravan regardless of how much money you have spent, your vehicle will always be at risk of theft. Therefore, it is essential to use some form of protection to help prevent the likeliness of this happening.

Thieves don’t always steal your vehicle when it is in storage; it is vulnerable at all times even when you are just stopping off at a service station. You therefore need to consider a range of measures to protect yourself at all times.

We recommend purchasing a hitchlock and wheel clamp to secure your caravan when in storage or on a holiday park for double peace of mind. Stronghold security products are usually yellow in colour which makes them more obvious so that potential thieves can be deterred by them.

Stronghold security products carry Sold Secure Gold standard approvals* that offers peace of mind and an opportunity for an insurance discount. Sold Secure tests security products to ensure the manufacturers are developing and distributing items that meet our claims.

These tests are carried out in accordance with ‘Attack Specifications’, which is set by insurers, police forces and industry specific organisations. The Sold Secure team of approved testers than carry out the attack specifications that applies to each category. For example, caravan security devices are attacked by drills or large pry bars that professional thieves would carry to steal caravans. When a higher level of security is needed, than devices approved to Gold standard are recommended.

Stronghold Security Products:

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Our Stronghold Security products carry a 12 months mechanical defect warranty, plus an extra 4 years if you complete our warranty form within one month from date of purchase

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Stronghold security products have been passed stringent attack tests from independent test houses, these include Sold Secure, VCM and Secured by Design.


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Insurance Approved Security Products

For insurance companies it is a minimum requirement to have a security device fitted to your vehicle. Avoid being an insurance statistic.

What Security Product Do I Need?

We have created a guide to help you decide what security product device or devices you will need to protect your caravan, motorhome, car or trailer.

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