Recent figures show that the number of cars stolen in the UK has risen by nearly a third in the last three years. According to the RAC thieves are getting better at beating modern vehicle security systems with new technology, including keyless theft.

What is now considered ‘old-fashioned security’ devices are now in vogue, as drivers look to protect their investment from thieves. These include visible deterrents such as steering wheel locks and wheel clamps.

Whether you have a car, classic vehicle or motorhome we have a wheel clamp to fit your tyre size. Our wheel clamps are a visible deterrent against an opportunist thief, especially when parked on a drive or when a motorhome is on site.

what to look for when purchasing a wheel clamp

Stronghold Security Products:

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Our Stronghold Security products carry a 12 months mechanical defect warranty, plus an extra 4 years if you complete our warranty form within one month from date of purchase

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Stronghold security products have been passed stringent attack tests from independent test houses, these include Sold Secure, VCM and Secured by Design.


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Insurance Approved Security Products

For insurance companies it is a minimum requirement to have a security device fitted to your vehicle. Avoid being an insurance statistic.

What Security Product Do I Need?

We have created a guide to help you decide what security product device or devices you will need to protect your caravan, motorhome, car or trailer.

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