Listed below are common questions and answers regarding Strongholds products.
If your question cannot be answered please call our helpline on 0121 270 4301 or please send us an email to

Insurance Approval:

Q. Are your products insurance approved?
A. Yes, all of Stronghold’s products comply with the criteria required of all major insurers. Stronghold enhance their products by endorsing the Sold Secure procedures and accreditation. Your insurance provider will have within their records what products qualify for an insurance discount.


Q. I understand that you offer an extended warranty on all of your products.
A. We give an extra years warranty on all of our products for mechanical failure only. Provided you have returned the warranty card supplied with the product or registered on-line then your warranty will be valid for a total of 5 years. Failure to do this means you will only have the standard 1 year warranty from proven date of purchase.

Keys / Locks:

Disc Detainer or Flat Key types:

Q. I have lost my keys, what can I do?
A. All Stronghold products containing either of these types of locks are supplied with three keys. You should have retained one key as explained within the product instructions in a safe place. Providing you can supply that key to us we will be able to provide you with further keys. For security purposes Stronghold do not hold master keys.

Q. I have pulled out the complete lock barrel and left it somewhere with my keys and cannot find them. Can I purchase a replacement?
A. Yes, contact the sales team

RPT types:

Q. I have lost my keys, what can I do?
A. We cannot supply keys for any Stronghold products containing this type of lock. We can however supply complete lock barrels and keys, please contact the sales team.

Extra Keys:

Q. Can I buy extra keys for my product?
A. Provided it is for the Disc Detainer or Flat key then we can supply you with as many keys as you require. Please contact the sales team


Q. My lock is stiff / jammed how do I get it open?
A. Insert and turn the key 1/2 a turn (180°) clockwise, this is now unlocked, pull the key to remove. Note: if the key can be removed from the lock, it is in the LOCKED position.

A. Provided your equipment has been lubricated regularly this should not occur. However should this happen, spray tight areas with WD40 or similar releasing agent. Do not force open but leave to soak for about an hour.

A. If the lock cannot be removed with the key in the unlocked position it is almost certainly blocked by the frame of the clamp. To ensure that the lock is not jammed due to pressure from the wheel or coupling, support the clamp or move it slightly while trying to undo the lock.

A. As a last resort you could also try a sharp blow with a hammer to the face of the lock assembly to free any surface rust within the device.

If this does not solve the problem ring the Stronghold helpline for further advice.

Q. I cannot unlock my security device – what is wrong?
A. Check you are using the correct key as many security devices use similar types of key. Check to see if the key is damaged.

Q. When I put my key in the lock keeps turning, what do I do?
A. Hold the lock holder boss. Turn the key 1/2 of a turn in a clockwise direction, then using the key pull the lock open.


Q. How do I find out if one of your wheel clamps fits my 4x4, Caravan, Motorhome, Car, Van?
A. Check your wheel size and if it is a Steel Rim or an Alloy Rim. Check out the product specification within its category. This will give you the range and type of wheel sizes that the product will fit.

Wheel Clamps:

Q. Will the Strongarm wheel clamp fit alloy wheels?
A. No, this product is designed sold secure for Steel wheels only.

Q. Will the Alloy wheel clamp fit steel wheels?
A. No, this product is designed sold secure for Alloy wheels only.

Q. I have a motor mover fitted and wondered if it would stop me fitting a wheel clamp?
A. We recommend that either a Strongarm or Alloy wheel clamp is used in this instance, as there are many positions that the wheel clamp can be placed to enable maximum security. The triangulation types cannot guarantee fitment.

Q. Is there a quick and easy way to assemble the 10/14 wheel clamp?
A. The answer to this question applies to the 8/10, 10/14 & 14/16 range of triangulation wheel clamps. Following the instructions provided we recommend that you set up the wheel clamp on your spare wheel. This way you can ensure that you have all of the arms positioned correctly and being in the flat position this makes the assembly much quicker and easier.

Wheel Nuts/Bolts:

Q. Can I purchase extra wheel bolts/nuts?
A. Yes, call the sales team line with your requirement.

Q. Having just purchased my Strongarm Wheel Clamp / Alloy Wheel Clamp the type of wheel bolt/nut supplied is different to that on my vehicles wheels and I need them replaced for the correct ones. What happens in this situation?
A. 1. If you know the correct engineering terminology for the size / type of wheel bolt/nut required return the two wheel bolts to us with your replacement requirements and we will replace them free of charge.

A. 2. If you do not know the correct information please return the two standard wheel bolts along with a sample of your wheel bolt or nut to enable us to match the correct product for your requirements. We will return them to you free of charge.

NB: All Strongarm and Alloy wheel clamps are supplied with M12 bolts that fit 80% of caravan wheel configurations. Call the sales team if your wheel configuration is different.


Q. Can I use my Stronghold Hitchlock whilst I am towing?
A. From a practical point of view you may be able to use while towing, but police advice is not to, as if an accident should occur it may prove difficult to separate vehicles and allow emergency rescue to take place.

Q. The Stronghold Winterhoff Hitchlock is sometimes tight when I fit it to the hitch?
A. This is due to the miss alignment of the holes within the Winterhoff casting. Using a 10mm drill – ream out the two holes in the casting and the Stronghold Winterhoff Hitchlock will work smoothly.

Leg Locks:

Q. I have four corner steadies on my caravan. Do I need to purchase four leg locks?
A. Our advice and proven deterrent is to purchase two. Fit them diagonally opposed and this will make it very difficult for the thief as the caravan will be almost impossible to tow.

Stronghold Security Products:

Extended Warranty Form

Our Stronghold Security products carry a 12 months mechanical defect warranty, plus an extra 4 years if you complete our warranty form within one month from date of purchase

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Stronghold security products have been passed stringent attack tests from independent test houses, these include Sold Secure, VCM and Secured by Design.


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