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Stronghold Apex triangular wheel clamp is easy to fit and constructed from robust steel, covers wheel nuts, trims and alloy wheels to prevent driveaway theft. Has patented features tested to Sold Secure Gold Approval.

  • Approved to Sold Secure Gold standard
  • Secured by Design approved
  • Suitable for caravans, trailers, trailer tents, horse boxes, vans and motorhomes
  • Tyre diameter: min 504mm – max 704mm
  • Tyre width: 165mm
  • Versatile heavy duty triangular wheel clamp
  • Fully adjustable (set once only) for wheel diameter
  • Covers wheel nuts, wheel trims and alloy wheels
  • Protective rubber on back plate to prevent damage to the wheel when fitted
  • Patented design with unique locking front plate 
  • Unique high security patented locking system
  • Strong and robust hardened steel construction 
  • High security pick-free lock have thousands of possible key combinations and are supplied with 3 keys, plus a key identity tag
  • Robust steel construction
  • Very easy to fit and in under a minute, no tools required for assembly
  • Water and corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight and compact 
  • Supplied in a retail friendly display box with colour pictorial instructions
  • Kit Contents
    • Wheel clamp top plate
    • Wheel clamp back plate
    • Top arm
    • 2 x adjustable arms
    • Locking adaptor
    • Lock with three keys
    • Fitting instructions and warranty card

This Apex wheel clamp has been designed to fit many types of caravan and trailer wheels, here are a few examples of well known trailer models this clamp will fit;

Brand of Trailer Trailer or Drawbar Model Tyre Size
Ifor Williams BV106/126, TT, GX, CT,  155/70 12C
Brian James A2/A4 Transporter, C2/C4 Transporter, Race Sport, Race Transporter 4/5 155/70 12C
Ifor Williams LT, EL101/142, EX202 145/70 13
Brenderup 1205, 1205SXL, 1150S, 3205S, MC2, 4260S, 3251ST, 3250S, 2260S, 2205S 145/80 13
Indespension V25A 145/80 13
Brenderup 1675X, 4260A, 4260ST 155/80 13
Blue Line BLT DB 001/005 155/80 13
Ifor Williams HB403 155 13C
Ifor Williams HBX, HBE, HB, TA, EL141, TT, BV84/85/105/125, GH, GX, GD, P6G, P8G 165 13C
Brian James CarGo Shifter / Allplant / Allplant Tilt / Tipper 2 / Digger Plant 2 / Connect Compact 165 13C
Blue Line BLT DB 002/004 BLV26105/26106/26126/1185 165 13C
Ifor Williams TA, GP 6.5 16
Ifor Williams TA, HB610/510XL, GD, GP 175/75 16C
Bateson             2025, 2030, 2036, 2043, 20MD                                                                              

145/70 12

Indespension CT24147 / 27167 / 35166 / 35167 155/70 12C
Bateson 2036, 2050, 2630, 2636, 2643, 2650, 265B, 22-15, GT33 155/70 12
Blue Line BLV1585 145 13C
Nugent U2213S 155/80 13
Blue Line BLT DB 002/004 BLV26105 / 26106 / 26126 / 1185 165 13C
Indespension GT25106 / 25126 / 26084 / 26085, AD2000 / 2709BTS, TAV4 / 4H / 5 / 5H, LT014084 165 13C
Nugent Spirit 20/25, L2415S/3015S, G2512-1/2512-2/3015-1/3015-2, P2813S 165 13C
Bateson 08C8, 0642, 0842, 0852, 0854, 1054, 1064, 1264, 1456, 12LT/30LT/40LT, EUROSTOCK 336L, 27-16, 27-16VT, 240V, 300V, 360V, 26TP, GT25, GT30, 26MD, DERBY HB 165 13C
Graham Edwards     GET85/105/125, PL258, CT2612, GP84DB/85DB/105DB/126DB/74SB/84SB 165 13C
Indespension TAV3 175 13C
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Q. I have lost my keys, what can I do?

We offer a premium key cutting service. Please have your key number, which you should have noted in your instructions card.  Please contact the sales department on 0121 270 4301 or to order the replacement keys. Lead time is 15 days from date of order.

If you have not recorded your key number we offer a replacement lock and set of 3 keys. We do carry some stock but please be aware there may be an extended lead time for stock to arrive.

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