Ways to deter and defeat thieves

An article by inspiredcaming.com gives you some great advice to help to deter and defeat caravan thieves.

We wanted to let you know of their top tips to help prevent theft of your vehicle.

According to Caravan Club figures, some 1400 caravans are reported stolen each year and many are never seen again. Most are stolen from driveways or storage, although you’re also vulnerable in transit and even on caravan sites.

Don’t let your guard down

It’s tempting to think about security a bit less while you are on holiday, but remembering the basics can save you a lot of heartache and regret should a theft occur. Lock your windows and doors just as you would at home, and be sure to keep your valuables out of sight. If you spend a little extra and invest in caravan security products, like a sturdy safe, you will get a whole lot more piece of mind.

Even if you’re only making a quick stop at a service station, don’t leave things

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