1. Hitchlock guide

    We supply a range of hitchlocks for caravans and trailers security. Hitchlocks are a visible deterrent and can prevent your caravan or trailer from being stolen. Stronghold hitchlocks are Sold Secure Gold Approved, meaning they are tested to stringent attacks to stop an opportunist thief. Our locks cover the hitch and make it difficult for thieves to attach a caravan and tow it away. This gives you peace of mind when your caravan is on the campsite or left in storage. For extra peace of mind use in conjunction with a wheel clamp and leg lock. The below guide can help you identify which models of hitches our range of hitchlocks are suitable for.

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  2. Ways to deter and defeat thieves

    Ways to deter and defeat thieves

    An article by gives you some great advice to help to deter and defeat caravan thieves.

    We wanted to let you know of their top tips to help prevent theft of your vehicle.

    According to Caravan Club figures, some 1400 caravans are reported stolen each year and many are never seen again. Most are stolen from driveways or storage, although you’re also vulnerable in transit and even on caravan sites.

    Don’t let your guard down

    It’s tempting to think about security a bit less while you are on holiday, but remembering the basics can save you a lot of heartache and regret should a theft occur. Lock your windows and doors just as you would at home, and be sure to keep your valuables out of sight. If you spend a little extra and invest in caravan security products, like a sturdy safe, you will get a whole lot more piece of mind.

    Even if you’re only making a quick stop at a service station, don’t leave things

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  3. Make Way With The Morleys Stronghold Video Review

    Andy and family document their caravan adventures via their YouTube Channel Make Way With The Morleys. They share holiday site information, products they use and their family experiences in their caravan. As caravan security is an important topic amongst caravanners, Andy has reviewed the products he uses when he is onsite or stops off at a service station.

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  4. The Stronghold Atlas Review by Here We Tow

    The Stronghold Atlas Review by Here We Tow

    You may have seen our recent blog on Jules and Karina YouTube bloggers from Here We Tow who reviewed our MP5494 steering wheel lock. Well, they have now kindly reviewed the SH5438 Stronghold Atlas Wheel Clamp.

    They are both ex-police force so it is in their best interest to recommend and review products that they truly believe will help to deter thieves and prevent the theft of your caravan.

     The Stronghold SH5438 Caravan Atlas Wheel Clamp is approved to Sold Secure GOLD standard for caravans and trailers and is recognised by insurance companies. Its innovate arm design means that its suitable for both steel and alloy wheels and it is supplied with two locking wheel bolts to prevent unauthorised wheel removal.

    Jules and Karina go into great details in the video, highlighting all of the product features, why it is important to use a wheel clamp and showing you exactly how to fit and remove the wheel clamp.

    Read more about what they have to say about

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  5. Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2019

    Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2019

    Come and meet the Maypole team at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome show 2019 in Hall 5, Stand 5630. We will be taking a range of leisure products and also our newly re branded Stronghold Security range. 

    We will be taking some essential leisure products with us including the internal and external motorhome and camper van blinds. The blinds are ideal for keeping your vehicle cool in the summer and warm in the winter and has optimum blackout for maximum privacy.

    You will be able to see our Stronghold Security products in their new black modern retail packaging. We have a range of new Stronghold Wheel Clamps that we will be able to demonstrate to you which we will be launching at the show. The new Apex wheel clamps are available in 3 different sizes and are designed to fit a range of vehicles from cars, camper vans, caravans, motorhomes

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  6. Protect your Investment with Stronghold Apex Triangular Wheel Clamps

    Protect your Investment with Stronghold Apex Triangular Wheel Clamps

    We are launching 3 new triangular wheels clamps to our Stronghold range of security products. The new Apex wheel clamps are available in 3 sizes, and are designed to fit and secure a range of vehicles from cars, campervans, caravans, motorhomes, horse boxes and trailers.

    Our wheel clamps are Sold Secure Gold and Secured by Design approved, meaning they are tested to stringent independent testing. With a unique high security patented locking system and robust steel construction, it would deter any opportunist thief from stealing your vehicle. The 2 part triangular steel sections covers the wheel nuts, wheel trims and alloy wheels, also making it difficult for thieves to take the vehicle. For extra protection and depending on what vehicle you have, we suggest to invest in a hitch lock to secure the hitch.

    The clamp is very easy to fit, watch our fantastic fitting video to see how simple

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  7. Meet The Trudigans Reviews Stronghold Products

    Meet The Trudigans Reviews Stronghold Products

    Dan from the Trudgians contacted us offering to review some of our caravan security products as this was a popular video request that he had received. The Trudgians have over 15,000 YouTube subscribers and produce high quality videos so this was the perfect opportunity for us to partner with them to show you how to use our products and to give you any hints or tips that you may need when securing your caravan. The Trudgians then created the video featuring three different options for caravan security which could be used either individually or as a combination of deterrents.

    Stronghold Hitch Lock for ALKO Hitches

    Firstly, they reviewed the Stronghold Hitch Lock for ALKO Hitches. This hitch lock is suitable for a wide range of ALKO hitches and is approved

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  8. New Maypole Security Products

    New Maypole Security Products

    We have recently added three new security lines to our range of Maypole security products offering you some alternative products to consider when securing your caravan, trailer or commercial vehicle.

    These are:

    • MP956 Alko security hitchlock
    • MP9733 Fold down security post with integral lock
    • MP908 Van door lock

    MP956 Alko Security Hitchlock

    The new Maypole Alko security hitchlock is suitable for a wide range of Alko hitches including: AK130, AK160, AKS1300, AKS2004 and AKS3004. It immobilises the hitch to prevent tow away theft and is also a highly visible deterrent. It is a strong and robust design and can be easily fitting to the hitch in less than 10 seconds. View the product page on the Alko Security Hitchlock.

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  9. A Big Year For Stronghold!

    A Big Year For Stronghold!

    2018 is a big year for Stronghold as we have a number of changes and improvements that we are going to be making to the brand, including; 

    • Rebranding our Stronghold range with new packaging, giving the brand a more modern look.
    • A brand new dedicated website with new images and fitting videos making it easier for consumers to find dedicated Stronghold stockists in their area.
    • Promoting the range with a monthly advert in the Caravan and Motorhome Club magazine which will give the brand a lot more exposure and give us the opportunity to promote new products.
    • Our Stronghold products will also be recognised by Secured by Design and we will feature their logo on our packaging and marketing materials.
    • New products including a new Sold Secure approved triangular wheel clamp and Strongbox for a wide range of trailer hitches.
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