Meet The Trudigans Reviews Stronghold Products

Dan from the Trudgians contacted us offering to review some of our caravan security products as this was a popular video request that he had received. The Trudgians have over 15,000 YouTube subscribers and produce high quality videos so this was the perfect opportunity for us to partner with them to show you how to use our products and to give you any hints or tips that you may need when securing your caravan. The Trudgians then created the video featuring three different options for caravan security which could be used either individually or as a combination of deterrents.

Stronghold Hitch Lock for ALKO Hitches

Firstly, they reviewed the Stronghold Hitch Lock for ALKO Hitches. This hitch lock is suitable for a wide range of ALKO hitches and is approved to Sold Secure Gold standard. Dan shows you the contents of the box and how easily the product is to fit to your caravan hitch.

Stronghold Protector Caravan Alloy Wheel Lock

They then move on to the caravan wheel and use the Stronghold Protector Caravan Alloy Wheel Lock which is universal as it is not restricted by tyre size or width. Dan also suggests some alternative models for steel wheels.

Stronghold Caravan Leg Lock

The third security deterrent that they feature is the Stronghold Caravan Leg Lock. This product is suitable for all corner steadies fitted with an exposed 19mm hexagonal drive.

Throughout the video Dan gives some very useful hints and tips and answers some popular FAQ’s.

You can watch the full video here -

We would like to thank The Trudgians for taking the time to contact us and to review our products by creating this amazing video!

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