New Maypole Security Products

We have recently added three new security lines to our range of Maypole security products offering you some alternative products to consider when securing your caravan, trailer or commercial vehicle.

These are:

  • MP956 Alko security hitchlock
  • MP9733 Fold down security post with integral lock
  • MP908 Van door lock

MP956 Alko Security Hitchlock

The new Maypole Alko security hitchlock is suitable for a wide range of Alko hitches including: AK130, AK160, AKS1300, AKS2004 and AKS3004. It immobilises the hitch to prevent tow away theft and is also a highly visible deterrent. It is a strong and robust design and can be easily fitting to the hitch in less than 10 seconds. View the product page on the Alko Security Hitchlock.

MP9733 Fold down security post with integral lock

The new fold down security post is perfect for either commercial or private use. It could be used for: driveways, garages, car parks, parking spaces and much more. The post can be bolted down into concrete and can be folded down for vehicle access. View the product page on the Fold down security post.

MP908 Van door lock

The Van door lock can be fitted to vans, garages and sheds. It is heavy duty, rust resistant and has an anti-pick lock providing you with peace of mind when securing your property. View the product page for the Van door lock.